Aug 10, 2011

Inheriting Maven profiles

I'm in the process of moving a number of projects from Ant/Ivy to Maven. Many of our projects use Thrift and we use a Maven Thrift plugin to conveniently compile our Thrift IDL. Given that all of our Thrift projects have the same setup, the plugin is declared in a our parent POM.
The plugin is declared in a profile that is only activated when a thrift source directory is present:

I actually have a number of plugins defined in such profiles so that they become active only when relevant source artefacts are present in the sub-project.

This all looks good, but in practice I found that the profiles were never activated in sub-modules that were being built from a parent project. It was as if the activation state was determined at the parent level, not on a per module basis.

It seems that profile inheritance does function as I expected in Maven 2. It does however work perfectly with Maven 3.

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