Jul 22, 2011

AFP failing between OSX Lion machines

I recently upgraded both my MacPro and MacBook to Lion. The upgrades went fine, but I now find that I cannot open a non-guest AFP connection between the two machines. On the client I see 'Connection Failed...' and in the server console I find:

22/07/2011 08:39:20.350 AppleFileServer: _Assert: /SourceCache/afpserver/afpserver-581/afpserver/AFPRequest.cpp, 2005
22/07/2011 08:39:20.354 AppleFileServer: _Assert: /SourceCache/afpserver/afpserver-581/afpserver/AFPRequest.cpp, 2005
22/07/2011 08:39:20.400 AppleFileServer: Calling ReadLock on lock < 0x2a833128 > while holding WriteLock
22/07/2011 08:39:20.524 ReportCrash: DebugSymbols was unable to start a spotlight query: spotlight is not responding or disabled.
22/07/2011 08:39:20.965 com.apple.launchd: (com.apple.AppleFileServer[424]) Job appears to have crashed: Illegal instruction: 4
22/07/2011 08:39:21.062 ReportCrash: Saved crash report for AppleFileServer[424] version ??? (???) to /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/AppleFileServer_2011-07-22-083921_localhost.crash
22/07/2011 08:39:22.389 com.apple.launchd: (com.apple.AppleFileServer) Throttling respawn: Will start in 8 seconds

I also have a crash report.

This is fairly annoying as my MacPro acts as the Time Machine backup for my MacBook. Has anyone experienced anything similar and are there any workarounds?

Update: I found a work around: I removed all folders from 'System Preferences/Sharing/File Sharing/Shared folders' and I can now connect. The unfortunate side effect of this workaround is that now the whole file system on the server is shared - subject to the authenticated user's privileges.