May 2, 2009

Why this is here

As an experienced Enterprise Java developer forced onto the iPhone development platform, I have noticed many opportunities where the experience I have gained in the enterprise can be used to good effect on even Apple’s smallest public platform.

To me at least it seems that Java developers with some good development experience behind them can lend much to this relatively new platform and the community that is rapidly building up around it. I did not find this so much to be the case when working with J2ME which at the time (2004) made it prohibitively expensive in performance terms to stick rigorously to respected patterns and frameworks. The iPhone platform is arguably far more powerful than that J2ME stack I developed for in the past and therefore allows the developer to pay more attention to good design and development practice.

In this blog I hope to look at problems encountered on the iPhone platform and how they were solved with lessons learned from J2EE development.

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